My ‘holy grail’ products:)

Happy Saturday!! Wow it's been a long week, do you agree? It felt like foreverrrr!! But anyway enough of that let's talk about the real topic... moment of silence... my HOLY GRAIL products:) Exciting times I know. I have never wrote about my holy grail products and everyone else was so I felt a bit... Continue Reading →

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How I keep my hair happy&healthy:)

Hello everyone! If you're a girl like me then you have also been left with the unconditional task of needing to look after your hair. Such a hassle right? Constantly having to actually get out of bed and going to the hairdressers... Even the thought upsets me. But I know what we're like girls, the... Continue Reading →

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Beauty products I wouldn’t buy again:(

Hello everyone! We all know first hand how competitive the beauty world is nowadays; basically it has to be amazing if it wants to avoid being chucked away and forgotten about. Of course we all have different skin types and preferred consistencies so some products that don't work for me might work for you. Hopefully... Continue Reading →

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Why having a Glossybox is essential

Hello everyone! Many people (including me) fall in love with the idea of having a pretty little parcel delivered once a month filled with gorgeous little surprise goodies. It's like having a monthly subscription of Christmas! Without the snow. Why wouldn't you want one? Besides the fact that the packaging is to DIE FOR having... Continue Reading →

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